Monday, April 15, 2013

Election Results

Some of you have asked about a breakdown of the recent election at the Club.  The results have been certified by the Election Committee.  Here they are.*
  • Abdul-Hakim Shabazz - 216 total;  160 in person; 56 absentee.
  • Joseph Ferrara -  211 total; 160 in person; 51 absentee.
  • Bruce Stauffer - 187 total; 141 in person; 46 absentee.
  • Tim Wilcox - 160 total; 101 in person; 59 absentee.
  • David Ring - 159 total; 102 in person; 57 absentee.
  • Dan Yates - 106 total; 57 in person; 49 absentee.
Once again, thanks for all your support.  We would not have been victorious without you.

*We are working to get an exact count on how many members voted.  By last estimate, slightly less than 300, about 21% of the membership, participated.


  1. Just out of curiosity:
    1039 people voted - What percentage of the Club membership is that? Do we have trending information on previous elections (e.g. is this a spike in participation, normal % participation, or lower participation)?

    1. About 300 people voted. Each person could vote for up to three candidates. Which is about 21% of the membership. I want to say in the last election the turnout was about 16-18&%.