Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Meet the Team

Hello fellow Columbia Club members.   The three of us, Bruce Stauffer, Abdul-Hakim Shabazz and Joe Ferrara are running for the Board.  The election is April 11th.  We're running for three basic reasons...
  1. We want to restore direct member elections of the Board.
  2. We want to restore full Board participation in Club decisions.
  3. We want to restore value to members and membership.
We're NOT doing this because of ego or anymosity, but because like you, we love the Columbia Club and we want it to be an organization that can make progress, while still respecting our long heritage and traditions.

We created this blog as a way to communicate our ideas with you.  We plan to include more information about who we are and unveil more details as to what our plans are to make the Columbia Club an even better place for members.

We really do believe in the old saying, "membership has it privileges".  And it will be our privilege to serve you.